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The Dakota Network Gives You Everything You Need to Learn About an Investment Strategy Without Having To Talk to Someone

The Dakota Network is a digital content platform where institutional investors can view detailed, due diligence level content on a variety of investment strategies. The content is located all in one place on an asset manager product page.

An End To Your Content Management Headaches
We have asset managers joining on a daily basis and we are aiming to make your lives much easier by aggregating their content all in one place to be conveniently viewed on the web or on your smart phone. Engage New Asset Managers
Our Goal: A More Efficient Workflow

Reduce Emails & Attachments

You receive tens if not hundreds of emails a day from asset management sales people. For the first time, you can go to one product page on the Dakota Network and view upwards of 40 pieces of due diligence level content for an investment strategy, including not only PDFs but also videos and podcasts, all in one place. Reduce the Clutter & Get Organized

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Follow a strategy and the Network will notify you when new content is posted.

Too many notifications?

You can customize what you receive. And you can get them on our mobile app on your smartphone. Setup My Alerts
Get to the Meetings That Matter, Faster.

Many institutional investors are forced to do many first-time meetings because the content they receive is insufficient to quickly understand a strategy. On the Dakota Network with video, audio, investment narratives and more an institutional investor can go deep quickly without having to talk to anyone.

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