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Asset Managers

The Dakota Network gives you everything
you need to market your investment strategies online.

A simple and powerful way to communicate with institutional investors the way they want
to be communicated with.
Information Consolidated & Clutter Free

Too Many Emails & Attachments Left Unread

One of the biggest headaches for institutional investors is that asset management sales people send them emails with attachments. They get so many they cannot read any of them. The attachments never get opened. Make it easier on them to find and consume your content in one place on the Dakota Network. Reduce the Clutter & Get Organized

Aggregate Your Content in One Place

Most investment firms have 40 – 60 pieces of content on their investment strategies that sit on their internal share file, their website and are commonly emailed out as attachments. Make it convenient for institutional investors to find all of your content in one neatly organized place on the Dakota Network. Start Aggregating Your Content

Your Digital Content, Mobile & Video Strategy All in One

Solve your modern marketing problems all at once. The Dakota Network is the place where Institutional Investors can consume all your content: videos, audio, PDFs, webinars, and podcasts. Receive notifications and alerts when you update content and they can view it all on their smartphone with the Dakota Network Mobile app.
Engage with Emerging Audiences Through Rich, Mobile Content
More and more, the individual an asset manager meets with is under 40. Millennials have different buying behavior and are used to researching and learning about products in a self-service manner on their own time.
Change Your Marketing Methodology
Save Your Portfolio Manager’s Time
Anyone who sells investment strategies knows portfolio managers would rather research stocks versus do “first-time” meetings over and over again. By putting high quality due diligence level content on the Dakota Network, you can eliminate the first meeting or two by allowing institutional investors to go deep on your strategy without having to talk or meet with anyone.
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